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Verizon Wireless Austin, Texas offers residents an opportunity to power their internet network through the use of FiOS or fiber optic technology. Using FiOS as the way to connect to the web gives you:

Multiple devices and users on this kind of super-fast internet connection pose no problem with FiOS. This is because of the extreme reliability of the connection that can capably handle every need and wants of all members of the household who always want to stay online.

The FiOS technology is not only confined to the internet for Verizon also offers it for TV and home phone. Bundling all the services together using FiOS gives you an incredible experience to make you enjoy the ultimate experience in high-speed internet, TV, and Voice.

This is what you can get when you sign up for a triple play FiOS package with Verizon:

Verizon also offers these double play packages at affordable rates for light internet users:

Verizon Standard Double Play Plan

The Verizon Standard Double Play package is a basic plan perfect for people who only go online to check, receive, and send emails. The downstream speeds offered range from .5 to 1 Mbps. Included in this double play pack is a home phone that gives unlimited local calls. Choosing this plan means no annual contract for the two services as well.

Verizon Double Play

A level higher than the Standard Plan, the Verizon double play’s difference is with the home phone features even as it offers the same downstream speed range from .5 to 1 Mbps. The unlimited calls for both local and long distance are the additional perks for this package.

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