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Big savings with Time Warner Austin packages

If there’s one thing to enthrall or attract consumers, it is discounts, sales, and the promise of big savings. Time Warner, Austin is offering exactly that: big savings together with great services.

To save more, buy in bulk. This means that bundle plans and packages always wins the day when it comes to huge savings in your digital bill.

Here are some of the great money-saving digital packages you can get from Time Warner Austin, Texas:

Standard TV and Turbo 20 Internet

The package may look and sound basic, yet it is anything but. Choosing this bundle gives you a lineup of more than 70 channels, including On Demand movies together with an HD Box for free. For the internet connections, this plan gives a fast downstream speed of 20 Mbps that can capably handle all your online needs. The robust security suite including Parental controls is all for free. Automatic access to the company’s WiFi hotspots is another great freebie to have in this double play plan.

Preferred TV, Ultimate 50 Internet with Home Phone Triple Play Package

Going triple play gives not only the convenience of a single monthly utility bill; it also gives you the best services from Time Warner. The TV plan includes more than 200 channels including free Starz, On Demand, and EPIX. Other freebies included in the plan are the Enhanced DVR Box together with the Whole Home DVR Service. This means that you will never miss out on your favorite shows, sports events, and movies when you can record them in any room of the house to watch later at your convenience.

The Voice plan included in the package gives you 13 phone features including favorites like VoiceZone and Voicemail. A unique feature of the home phone are the unlimited calls you can make to the whole country including U.S. Territories, China, India, Norway, Mexico, the E.U., Hong Kong, and Canada.

For the internet, the 50 Mbps downstream speed it gives can speedily connect you to all the things you love to do online. A powerful security suite including Parental controls are included, free of charge. Automatic registration to all the WiFi hotspots of the company is free as well.

With all this, isn’t it time for you to save more and get more by switching or signing up with Time Warner? You can by calling us today.