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A New and exciting internet offer from TDS Austin

TDS internet service has become one of the country’s top performers that have come up with a new and exciting internet offer in Austin, Texas.

The new and exciting internet speed tier plan being offered to locals of Austin by TDS is packaged in the latest fiber optic technology. By using fiber optic technology as a way to connect to the web, speed tiers can be as crazy as 1 Gbps!

Exactly, how fast is the speed of 1 Gbps? A 1 Gbps speed tier can:

The plan becomes even more impressive for the upload speed of 400 Mbps which can:

Needless to say, this crazy speed would be great to use for:

Another great add-on to the 1 Gig fiber internet plan is the free unlimited remote PC support. With this feature, worries about PC performance can right away be addressed by the company’s highly trained technical experts.

The downside to this blazing-fast speed plan is availability. However, with the fast expansion being done by the company, it will, sooner than later, become available to all areas of Austin and beyond.

One smart way to find out if your area is within the service range of this fantastic 1 Gig fiber internet is to give us a call today.