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When it’s cheap, fast, and reliable internet service you want, it’s high time for you to sign up with Optimum internet in Austin, Texas. Optimum, Texas has all the internet speed tier offers suited for everyone’s digital life in the area.

Optimum services are offered by Cablevision, occupying the 8th slot of being one of the biggest cable providers in the country. The company offers their services in other states including Austin, Texas. Services offered range from the super-fast internet, voice with their VoIP, and digital cable TV.

Choosing the Optimum brand for your internet connections gives you the following plans and packages:

Optimum Online

The 15 Mbps downstream speed with an upstream speed of 5 Mbps gives you the speed you want to download music or stream videos and movies. You also get the best online protection from McAfee for free. The plan comes with 5 email accounts together with Mobile Mail that enables you to check on emails everywhere you may be.

Optimum Online Ultra

Choosing the Ultra plan gives you super-fast downstream speeds of 50 Mbps matched by an upstream speed of 25 Mbps. The package allows you total storage of 75 GB including hosting space of 12 GB. Site builder tools that are easy to use are included which can make you create your very own commercial or personal website even when you’re not an expert. Huge file email attachments up to 100 MB are another plus for this plan.

Optimum Online Ultra 101

Going for the Ultra 101 gives you blazing fast downstream speeds of 101 Mbps along with upstream speeds of 35 Mbps. Allowed storage capacities are 75 GB including hosting space of 12 GB. Site builder tools make you capable of webhosting and creating your personal or commercial website. The 100 MB allowance means that large file attachments to your email become easy and convenient anytime and every time you want to use it.

Want to save more on your digital bills? Opt for bundled packages to include double play plans of either the internet with home phone or TV. Or level up with triple play packages that can give you the best experience in all your digital needs.

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