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Cincinnati Bell internet in Austin is one of the biggest and most respected internet service providers in the country. The company is also one of the pioneers in the fiber optic technology which has provided blazing-fast internet services to all parts of the nation.

Cincinnati Bell internet in Austin, Texas offers a wide array of digital services and products such as digital TV, home phone, and super-fast internet connections. Flexibility and choice are the keywords the company has focused on when it comes to customer service and satisfaction making them offer these two internet options:

Zoom Town Internet

This package would be perfect for light internet users for its reliability, cheap rate, and fast online connections. Speed tiers range from downstream speeds of 2 Mbps to 5 Mbps including:

Fiber Optic internet

The internet’s future is with fiber optics which would be the ideal choice for people who go online for streaming, browsing, gaming, and more. The speed tiers available for Fioptics include:

Fioptics speed of 10 Mbps

Fioptics speed of 20 Mbps

Fioptics speed of 30 Mbps

Fioptics speed of 50 Mbps

Fioptics speed of 100 Mbps

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