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CenturyLink internet deals available in Austin

CenturyLink internet in Austin has plenty of amazing offers to the city’s residents. This piece of good news for the locals is because of the affordable rate of the company’s high-speed internet connections that do away with sharing the usage of bandwidth with other consumers. This unusual service from CenturyLink internet in Austin, Texas means that the internet connection a subscriber get will always be reliable anytime, every time.

The internet services offered can ably connect all multiple devices such as tablets, PCs, laptops, smartphones, and more without sacrificing the internet speed. With this internet feature, the whole household can enjoy all their online activity such as streaming videos, music, gaming, social networking, and much more. A powerful security suite is also included to protect the subscribers every time they go online.

Another great offer from CenturyLink is their home phone service. This is in response to phone problems such as poor voice quality and outages that usually happens in Austin. Signing up for the home phone service gives the benefit of unlimited local calls that do away with minute charges. Other phone features include:

The DirecTV bundle you get from CenturyLink guarantees the best viewing experience to make you enjoy all the best programs including Sports events, On Demand movies, and other premium channels. NFL Sunday Ticket is also included together with DVR equipment that allows you to simultaneously record 5 shows from any room at home to watch later at your convenience. Another great feature of this DVR is the capability to watch any recorded shows and videos anytime and everywhere you’ll be through a mobile device. This unique service means that you will never ever miss out on all your favorite shows, sports events, and videos even when you’re out of the house.

Make your life easier as well as save more by choosing triple play bundles from CenturyLink. Find out how by calling us today.