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Wired or wireless connections with Cable One Austin Texas

One of the biggest cable and internet providers in the country is Cable One. Cable One in Austin offers the choice of either wired or wireless internet connections in the form of a modem for a small monthly charge of $8. This modem can give you the convenience of doing away with issues related to equipment that provides your internet speeds and home phone. This offer from Cable One internet can also give you unlimited service from a technical expert that personally installs the equipment as soon as it is subscribed to.

For standalone internet plans, Cable One has the right speed tier offers suited for every resident of Austin. Here are some of their standalone popular internet packages:

Streaming 50 Mbps Internet

Choosing this plan gives you a cheap, fast, and reliable internet connection. With downstream speeds of 50 Mbps and upstream speeds of 3 Mbps, downloading, streaming or uploading everything online will be fast and easy. Other benefits to the plan are the allowed 20 email addresses plus the ease to handle multiple devices and users anytime, all the time.

Premiere 60 Mbps Internet

The downstream speeds of 60 Mbps with upstream speeds of 4 Mbps is a notch higher than that of the Streaming plan. This super-fast internet speed can make you capable of doing everything you do online and more. If gaming is your passion, this internet speed tier would be the perfect way for you to get into the middle of the action 24/7. 20 email addresses are allowed in this plan with the capability to support multiple devices and users.

Ultra 70 Mbps Internet

This ultimate speed tier offer from Cable One gives you crazy downstream speeds of 70 Mbps with 6 Mbps upstream speeds. With this kind of blazing-fast speed, gaming aficionados need not have to be frustrated with buffering and lagging in the heat of the action. The package allows up to 20 email addresses together with the ease of supporting multiple users and devices.

Cable One is also a cable company that offers the best digital services such as TV and home phone other than the internet. One way to save more on your digital utility bill is to bundle them. Find out how you can save and enjoy more services from Cable One by calling us today.