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Did you know that Austin City has, by far, the biggest number of residents that use the internet than other places in the United States? Yet, with this kind of status the internet service providers Austin offers a disparity in their services, not because of connection problems, but more on usage and rates.

The status of the internet usage in Austin is pretty impressive if you look at these statistics:

  • Compared to 72% batting average for national internet home use, Austin boasts of more than 92% households that are connected online
  • Use of cell phones in Austin number 95.6% with those owning smartphones hitting 83%
  • More than 37% of the residents have game consoles connected online
  • Austin residents are always on to the latest technology

It is ironic, to say the least, that despite the claim of the city to be one of the top cities in America with the greatest number of internet users to have some of its residents having no idea how to access or use it. This kind of scenario has caused the city government to implement sponsored programs and services to make internet awareness open to the above-mentioned groups of Austin residents.

With this kind of setting, what’s to stop the various internet service providers from offering the best rates and services? Nothing, which is why it is hardly surprising to see both big and small internet service providers trying to top each other’s services and rates.

The stiff competition among the various internet service providers in their mad dash to reach almost all, if not the entire Austin area and beyond makes for a tit for tat scenario that benefits both. As the city government ups its drive for internet knowledge among the problem groups through non-profit training and services, demand for internet connection will rise even more.

With this said, all that remains for a subscriber to know is the speed tier and type of internet connection he or she would prefer. The types of internet connection range from Dial-up, DSL, Cable, Satellite, and fiber optic. All these internet connections offer fast internet speeds except for Dial-up.

However, when the price is more important than speed, the dial-up connection is still the cheapest and most reliable option. The dial-up internet connection has long served as the gateway to the web in rural and remote areas for which it still faithfully services.

For big city residents such as in Austin, internet connection can be blazingly fast which can download movies, shows, and games in mere seconds. Rates for this super-fast speed tiers can be pricier but bundling it up with other services offered by the same provider can considerably lessen the cost.

Would you like more information about the different services and rates offered by the various internet service providers in Austin? Get in touch with us to get the best rates and services available in your area.